Monday, May 17, 2010

Third anniversary of turning 25

Friday I turned 28.  It doesn't seem possible that I turned 18 ten years ago!!  This weekend was challenging because Friday was my birthday.  We ordered pizza, which was better (health wise) than what my mom use to make for me on my birthday.  I LOVE creamed chipped beef, but it's LOADED with salt!  I'd have it once a year, on my birthday.  My sister offered to make it for me, but it's just not the same.  I couldn't stand to have it on my birthday since it wasn't my mom who was making for me.  So...we had pizza.  I love the pizza from Mark's, and they have a fantastic chicken broccoli pizza that I quite enjoy, so I got one of those for me to have (not a whole one, but a slice or was two).  Plus, Import made me a cake, and cupcakes (of which I sadly did not treat myself to)!  So, Friday I indulged myself, but I had made sure to eat ultra healthy during the day, and leading up to it, so that I could indulge a little. 

Import and I brought Little One to my sister's house on Saturday so that we could go on a much needed date, and along with bringing her Little One, we also brought her what was left of the cupcakes to share with her husband and two kids.  I am very proud of myself, and I didn't dive into the leftover cake at all, even though it smelled SO good!

Now it's back to a new week.  I haven't weighed myself yet, but will soon.  Even if I don't see a loss, at least I know I am making strides in the right direction.  From keeping track about what I'm eating, I've discovered that I do not eat nearly enough fruit a veggies.  If I have oatmeal for breakfast, I add blueberries to it, so there's one serving, and then at dinner is another.  Way too often, those are the only times I eat any during the day!  Need to get on top of that!

Right now Little One and I are enjoying some whole wheat pasta with zucchini, yellow summer squash, and diced tomatoes.  Surprisingly little one LOVES it!  

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yogurt = YUCK!

I have this thing with texture.  There are some foods I LOVE the feeling of when I bite into them, or when they're rolling around in my mouth, and there are some that I CAN'T stand because of the feeling of biting into them or them on my mouth. 

One of those that I can't stand is yogurt*!  I don't know what it is, but I just can't stand it!  I took my mom's yogurt maker from my dad's house when I was there, and I'm planning on making some yogurt for my little one.  But, before that I thought that I would try yogurt again.  I put a cup of yogurt in a glass with some wheat germ, blueberries, and strawberries. 

It looked pretty good, so I put a huge spoonful in my mouth and thought I was going to be sick!  YUCK!  It was a mixture of the texture of the yogurt and the fact that it was plain yogurt.  I even gave some to little one and he spit it out, so at least I know it wasn't just me! 

So instead of having a nice yogurt for breakfast I had egg whites and toast, it made me miss my college days.  I'd meet a friend of my mine at the dining hall and she'd have egg whites, dry wheat toast, and milk for breakfast.  Or, cereal with OJ on it! 

*The only yogurt I've found that I can eat and not want to gag the whole time is Yoplait whips.  I think it's because they make my tongue tingle! 

Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 1

So, off to a good start.  But it isn't day 1 that's the difficult one, the beginning is easy, it's the middle that's hard.  For me it'll be day 5 that'll be difficult.  It's my birthday.  Birthday = cake, ice cream, and pizza.  I was thinking about making the pizza's myself, but it's my birthday I don't wanna!   I do need to make up some pizza's to put in the freezer, and make up some more bread.  I think my bread strike is over, hopefully my Aussie has figured out that I get annoyed when he lets my homemade bread get moldy!

I REALLY want some chocolate, but it's quarter to ten, and I like to think my tummy is asleep.  It should be!  I fed it a yummy dinner of Parmesan crusted tilapia.

When I went to Sams Club on Saturday they were sampling frozen Parmesan Crusted Tilapia.  It was SO good, but SO expensive and not too healthy.  Instead of buying the pre-made bag, I bought plain tilapia with the mindset that I could just Parmesan crust it myself.  It's easy enough to do.  I just mixed some low fat parm cheese with panko bread crumbs and some Italian seasoning, sprinkled it on the fish and put it in the oven.  It was so good that even the little one ate it!  Sometimes I'm not sure if little one is a dog that will eat anything, or the worlds worst food critique.  

After putting everything into my Points Tracker, I have discovered that I don't eat enough in the way of fruit and veggies.  I drink a lot of water normally, but it smelled a lot like bleach, and tasted funny, so not much water today.  I'm hoping that it's better tomorrow, but if it's not I may have to break into our "doomsday" stash!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Starting over

Since I got married I've been on an endless stream of trying to lose weight. On February 3rd, 2009 it stopped being about just me wanting to feel better in my skin, it became about the new life I brought into the world. I had indulged myself in anything my pregnant heart desired for nine months, and giving birth didn't get rid of all that extra weight that I gained while I was pregnant (forget about the extra weight I was carrying before I got pregnant). Loosing weight requires more than just thinking about eating healthy food, it requires commitment, change, and dedication. Those are all things I have a difficult time with.

On January 31st, 2010 I lost my mom suddenly and unexpectedly. Until she died, I had been doing really good with my mission. I had lost 13 pounds, and was doing 45-60 minutes on the Wii Fit 6-7 days a week. I felt really good. Then she died. I gave up. I didn't want to do it anymore, I wanted to eat chocolate until I burst, I wanted to sit on my butt and cry because I missed her. But missing her won't keep me around longer for my little one. In order to outlive her, and to carry on her legacy as long as I can means CHANGING my life.

I miss my mom so much it hurts, but she would want me to be healthy, she would want me to show my little one how to live a healthy life.

I need to lose the weight for myself. I want to lose weight. I tried on some summer dresses this weekend, and was waiting for the mirror to shatter in the ickyness that is my post-baby body. I love the stretchmarks that are from the way my body grew and changed and nurtured my little one, but I hate the ones that are from the extra weight I carry on my body (and yes, I do know which are which).

My changes:

I joined Weight Watchers, again. But this time I will be doing both meetings and their online e-tools.
I am planting a garden by the end of this month. I will be planting beans, and peas, tomatoes, and squash. I will be EATING said veggies.
Eating breakfast! When I was a skinny little wisp of a girl I would eat like 5 different breakfasts. Now? Well, now I'm lucky if I even eat ONE!
Not finishing little ones meals and snacks.
Healthy snacks (fruit and veggies) for me and little one. If he sees me eating them than my hope is he'll be more open to them as well.
More home cooking (I cook a lot as it is, but I need to do more), and weekly meal planning.
Taking advantage of the recipe maker on etools.

My struggles-

PORTION SIZE! One of my mommy friends suggested keeping a set of measuring cups out to measure everything. I think I'm going to take that advice!
Chocolate. I LOVE chocolate. If I smell, think, or see chocolate, my mouth begins to water and next thing I know it's flowing like the mighty Mississippi River, and then...well then said chocolate is melting in my mouth!

What I already do-

I only use whole wheat flour.
We only eat brown rice.
I only buy whole wheat pasta.
We only eat whole wheat bread.

My hope is that I'll learn, and grow (well shrink) from this. This blog is to help me vent my frustrations and the challenges I meet in my everyday life that make weight loss difficult.  Plus to share all the positives in my life that make it worthwhile!